The new obsession with beauty influencers? The beauty fridge

A refrigerator dedicated solely to its creams, foundations and other serums: the trend is spreading to Instagram. But do we really need it?

Between the palettes of eye shadows, the countless masks to test and the dozens of black mascaras collected, our bathrooms are saturated (Marie Kondo, if you can hear us…) And the trend is not ready to be reversed: beauty fridges is likely to squatter more and more shelves. The fault lies with the beauty influencers who popularize this new object on Instagram (the hashtag #beautyfridge already counts 1300 occurrences).

A vintage design with rounded shapes

To be “likable”, the mini fridge must be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We are not trying to give a second youth to the camping version, as you will have understood. Pastel, mauve, marbled, decorated with stickers: the more vintage it is, the better it is. And there’s no question of arranging its products anyhow, the interior must be perfectly tidy, and the colours of the products that take place inside must be as harmonious as possible.

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