Beauty fridge: the cosmetic trend of the moment

According to the more than 1500 #beautyfridge on Instagram, this mini fridge is making a name for itself among influencers. But do we really need it to be “fresh”?

Store your cosmetics in a cool place: intox or detox?

Compact and design, the beauty fridge allows you to store your cosmetics in a refrigerated way for a better conservation or even use. Generally speaking, keeping your cosmetics in the fridge is not necessarily a bad thing. But you have to know how to distinguish between products that really need it and those for which a chill is simply not necessary.

For example, most creams and serums purchased in stores do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. If they contain preservatives, storing them in the refrigerator will not necessarily extend their shelf life.

One could simply compare it to food products. Although stored in a cool place, a jar of fresh cream will still become perishable after a certain use-by date. Conversely, natural or homemade cosmetics should preferably be stored in a cool place if no preservatives are added.

What is the impact on your cosmetics?

While the question of preservation is not always relevant, some cosmetics can be stored in a cool place to improve their effectiveness. This is notably the case for micellar waters, floral waters and other facial tonics. Beyond the immediate cooling effect that will not fail to awaken your complexion, the lowered temperature will also tighten the pores of the skin.

Ditto for eye contour care. Serums, oils, gels… A little bit of freshness and you’re back on track! Grandmother’s tricks won’t contradict us: cucumber slices, teaspoons, tea bags…. They all went through the fridge! If, like Florence Foresti, your mirror reflects the image of a Kandinsky when you wake up, this trick of “uncurling” should work in your favour?

Is it necessary to opt for a beauty fridge?

Is it a fashion phenomenon or a real cosmetic revolution? We’ve understood it, for the revolutionary side, nothing new under the sun. However, it’s hard not to fall for this adorable mini fridge! Pastel, vintage, marbled… No way to hide it ! Beyond the cosmo, the beauty fridge is a real decorative object. In the bathroom or directly in the bedroom, it will find its place without any problem. Not to mention the fact that it could well allow you to unclutter your bathroom cupboard, which at this stage rivals your dressing room…

Afterwards, of course, nothing prevents you from storing some of your cosmetics directly in your refrigerator. You will have to adapt with the round-trip bathroom-kitchen and do without the photo insta of the moment. But with a little creativity…

5 cosmetics to always store in a cool place

Fresh or homemade masks

Do you make your own cosmetics or do you swear by natural ingredients? Better make room for them in the fridge!

Vegetable oils

To retain their properties, natural vegetable oils must be kept away from light and heat. The refrigerator is therefore their best ally. However, be careful with coconut oil, which solidifies in contact with the cold.

Hydrolats and floral waters

As we have seen, placing them in the refrigerator allows them to have a tenfold freshness effect in the morning! Goodbye dark circles and dull complexion.

Aloe vera

If there was only one left… True all-rounder in the cosmetics industry, aloe vera will be all the more pleasant to apply fresh in case of sunburn.

Nail polish

For those who use their nail polish every 36th of the month and discover that their nail polish has become as compact as a foundation, don’t panic. Placing them in a cool place will preserve their liquid texture. (This advice also applies to those who use their nail polish every month…).

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