Best Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare Fridges of 2020

Do you actually need a beauty fridge to help your makeup and skincare last longer? A dermatologist weighs in, while we show you the best options to buy now.

Sure, Mini Fridges for Beauty Products Are Cute—But Do They Work?

We aspire to make cold skincare a part of everyone’s daily beauty routine. Designing products with cosmetics in mind is totally our thing — plus, who doesn’t love a cold face mask?

Perfect for storing your crystal rolls, serums, creams and sodas too, this mini fridge from Cooluli is very versatile for your space. This compact and miniature model can heat and cool thanks to a thermoelectric system that adapts to your needs and is silent in operation.

The Cosmetics Fridge is the solution to your beauty needs. We create and design dedicated mini fridges that not only look beautiful in your glam room, but perfectly compliment your favorite beauty products. See how you can invest in your greatest self!

Why use Beauty Fridges ?

Refrigerating certain natural products can help to prolong their shelf-life and when cold products are applied to the skin, it can help to temporarily reduce facial puffiness. Plus, who doesn’t love a cold face mask, am I right?

Basically, there are 4 reasons to use Fridges for Beauty Products :

Give life

Protect and extend the shelflife of your products, especially those that don’t contain preservatives, parabens, and sulfates

Save time

Conveniently have access to your chilled products right where you need them


Prevent the growth of fungaland bacterial organisms fromblooming in BIO ou vegan products

Cool sensation

Cold constricts blood vessels,thereby reducing swelling and stops itching instantly

What kind of products can you put in your beauty fridge ?

You will finf below some examples of products which have advantages to be keep at low temperature in “skincare fridge”.

5 cosmetics to always store in a cool place

Fresh or homemade masks

Do you make your own cosmetics or do you swear by natural ingredients? Better make room for them in the fridge!

Vegetable oils

To retain their properties, natural vegetable oils must be kept away from light and heat. The refrigerator is therefore their best ally. However, be careful with coconut oil, which solidifies in contact with the cold.

Hydrolats and floral waters

As we have seen, placing them in the refrigerator allows them to have a tenfold freshness effect in the morning! Goodbye dark circles and dull complexion.

Aloe vera

If there was only one left… True all-rounder in the cosmetics industry, aloe vera will be all the more pleasant to apply fresh in case of sunburn.

Nail polish

For those who use their nail polish every 36th of the month and discover that their nail polish has become as compact as a foundation, don’t panic. Placing them in a cool place will preserve their liquid texture. (This advice also applies to those who use their nail polish every month…).


What’s that?

If your bathroom is overflowing with cosmetics, here’s something to clutter it up even more. Popular with bloggers and youtube users, the beauty mini-fridge made its appearance on Instagram, where there are over 1,100 posts (accompanied by the hashtag #beautyfridge).

White, pastel pink or with stickers, the models with their vintage round curves are perfectly in line with the Marie Kondo trend… We’re willing to bet that some major cosmetic brands are already working on this trend and plan to release theirs…

What’s that for?

To keep certain homemade cosmetics made with fresh products, or certain products without preservatives (for example the fresh Lush masks, which can be kept for 28 days in the refrigerator).

Apart from these products with very specific natural formulas – which can also be stored very well in a normal fridge! – this is not of much use. At least that’s the opinion of New York dermatologist Howard Sobel, interviewed by Bustle.

If he recognizes a pleasant refreshing effect, especially in the summer when it is hot, allowing to decongest the face and to calm irritated skins, this specialist indicates that the conservation in the cold “will not make any in the properties and the benefits”.

How much does it cost?

The Anglo-Saxon media have been quick to make model selections for their readers, mainly orderable on Amazon  – it costs from $38 to $100 (€34 to €89) depending on the HuffPost, or £36 to £81 for the Harpar Bazaar (€42 to €94).

And now several North American start-ups have just launched themselves on this ultra-niche market: candy pink make up fridge is priced at $79.99 and cosmetics fridge marbled effect at $119.99. In France, you can order mini-fridge models on Amazon (from €49.99) or Darty (from €54.99)…